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Ketamine Center of Connecticut, located in Milford, Connecticut, specializes in providing ketamine infusions that safely alleviate pain and improve the symptoms caused by mental health conditions. Gino Ang, MD, and the team at Ketamine Center of Connecticut include board-certified anesthesiologists who administer each patient’s ketamine infusion, as well as highly qualified registered nurses who continuously monitor their health and well-being throughout their treatment.

Ketamine offers a rapid and robust alternative to traditional medical and psychiatric treatments for pain syndromes such as mental health disorders. Intravenous ketamine infusions often succeed where first-line therapies have failed to relieve your symptoms.

Patients who continue to struggle with symptoms caused by anxiety, major depression, postpartum depression, treatment-resistant depression, and bipolar depression often experience improvement within hours of their first ketamine treatment.

Ketamine offers such rapid results that it’s especially beneficial for treating patients with suicidality who can’t wait weeks or months to see if a psychiatric medication might help. Ketamine also offers effective symptom relief for PTSD and OCD.

The team at Ketamine Center of Connecticut provides exceptional care and compassion to all patients aged 12 and older. They’re proud to develop tailored treatment plans that help each person put an end to their pain and suffering. To learn more about ketamine or to schedule an appointment, call the office when most convenient.

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Our ketamine center in Milford, Connecticut utilizes intravenous infusion, which has been clinically proven to be the safest and most effective route of administration to relieve Treatment-Resistant Depression, multiple pain syndromes and other mood disorders. All ketamine therapy is administrated by our Board Certified Anesthesiologist.


Ketamine therapy offers a rapid and robust alternative to traditional methods in effectively treating Major Depressive Disorder, chronic pain and other mental illnesses, including PTSD treatment. Ketamine infusions often succeed where first line pharmaceuticals, ECT and TMS have failed. We are looking forward to meeting you at our conveniently located ketamine clinic in Milford, Connecticut." ?



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